Vini travel card


Vini travel card 9 Gb



Trio sim card

9 Gb

30 mn in local calls*
ou 87 local texts*

4 000 F / incl. tax

(approximately  33€)


Vini travel card 30 Gb



Trio sim card

30 Gb

60 mn in local calls*
or 174 local texts*

8 000 F / incl. tax

(approximately 67€)


* Check out our sales conditions


Until January 31st 2023, enjoy 3 times more Data!
And stay connected during your stay with the best connection on Tahiti and the islands.

  • Vini, the largest mobile network in 4G Data
  • The only mobile network present in all 5 archipelagos (66 islands covered)
  • Credit valid for 30 days
  • A rechargeable prepaid card including Data, minutes and texts (local and international)
  • Refill cards are available at more than 200 resellers and you can also refill your card online
  • Stay reachable once your credit has been used up (3 months after card activation)

Our included services:


In Polynesia: dial the 8 digits of your caller's number then call.
International calls *: dial the "+" and then the country code and finally the number of your caller.


In Polynesia: dial the 8 digits of your correspondent's number then send.
You can send international text messages.
Dial the "+" then the country code and finally the number of your correspondent then send.


You can use our 4G data speed network with a compatible smartphone.


Useful numbers

Customer service : 3950 (1)

Check your balance by text : 7100 (2)

To refill your card by sending text:

- 7001 for call, Internet and unllimited SMS credits

- 7002 for the 100% Internet credits

Have your number: 87 39 12 22

 (1) Free calls from a Vini network’s mobile

 (2) Send conso to the 71 00







Need help?

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You can buy additionnal refill card at any of the 300 resselers in French Polynesia.

 Découvrir les recharges
    Find a reseller


You can also refill your SIM online using your credit card.

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Or via your Vini & Moi App

More infos

How to find my phone number

After first use (SMS, call or data), you will receive a message with your phone number.
Otherwise, you can get your phone number by calling 87 39 12 22 and press 2.



Rates: Expressed in TTC. Taxes applied: 13% for offers + 1% CPS tax.
Promo Vini travel card: From June 15 to January 31st, 2023, enjoy 3 times more Data with the activation of the SIM card for the same price. Credit valid for 30 days.
SIM card valid for 90 days.