Maeva, Vini welcomes you to French Polynesia !

To communicate on the Vini network in French Polynesia without changing your SIM card, check if your mobile operator is a Vini partner:  List of Vini Roaming partner networks
If your mobile network is a partner, you only need to switch to the Vini network to start communicating (calls / SMS / data). Check the roaming charges with your mobile network.

How to use your phone on Vini’s network?
To connect to Vini’s network, switch on your cellphone once you pass the Custom services at the airport, once you see the ‘VINI’ logo on your device screen, you are connected. If you are having trouble connecting, make a manual research on your device : Network settings > Network selection > Manual research.

How to make Local calls?
To make a local call, simply dial the 8 digits number of the subscriber, ex: for mobile numbers dial 87 followed by the 6 digits number and for landline numbers, dial 40 followed by the 6 digits number.

How to make International calls?
When you call your family or friends in your Homecountry, dial the international access code, when you press and hold the 0 key the plus (+) sign will appear, then add the country code and subscriber number you want to reach, (+687 27XXXX).

How to receive a call?
You can continue to receive calls. Please note that the calls you receive will be charged at the international rate of your mobile network